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COVID information

Traveling by camper: the best option to enjoy an excursion in times of Covid

Camper van travells are safe

Seize the moment and enjoy the camper experience you've always wanted to live

We are all going through difficult times these months, not knowing when it will all finally come to an end. We believe that especially now, it's important to stay positive and continue eojoying our lives, adapting in a healthy and safe way to this new situation.

If you have always wanted to try the freedom of travelling in a motorhome or camper van, now is a good time to make your dream come true. With our campers you will have all the autonomy you need to get away from society and travel your way.

We want to quickly explain what we do to give you all the security we can, on your trip with us, both with regard to your health and when it comes to giving you peace of mind that you will not lose your reservation due to possible confinements.

Full refund

We refund 100% of the payment if your reservation is affected by a confinement

We all live through a lot of uncertainty these days, not knowing what level of mobility we will have next week or next month. However, we want you to be able to continue planning the road trip that you are so excited about. Therefore, if you make a reservation with us, we guarantee the refund of 100% of your payment, in case of a new general lockdown that affects your reservation. You will also have the option to postpone the reservation or leave it on hold until another time - according to your preference.

In the case of any general or perimeter confinement that does not allow you to move from where you live, prevents you from accessing our base in El Prat or prevents you from traveling within Catalonia, you can choose between a full refund and a travel voucher with no date limit. What we do not consider, in terms of confinements, is whether you had planned to travel to France or another specific area and this region has been confined or is not allowed access.

We want to give you the security to be able to plan your trips in the coming months and further ahead without having to worry about losing reservations due to confinements. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about it.

Total anticovid cleaning

We carry out a deep cleaning with disinfectants and ozone before each new customer

It's essential for us to do everything possible so you can travel safely and with ease in our campers. In times of a pandemic, one of the most important things in this regard is an effective hygiene. We apply a deep cleaning protocol, following and being more restrictive than the regulations of the Government and the WHO.

First, we apply a thorough cleaning with disinfectants to all surfaces of the camper vans and afterwards - normally overnight before the next pick-up - we apply an ozone treatment that also disinfects the entire environment inside the vehicle. Afterwards the van is like new and ready for the next adventure.

Apart from the cleaning protocol, we never receive more than one group of clients in our facilities at the same time. For pick-up and return you will not have to queue or wait, we will meet at a specific time only with you and your travel companions and we take all the time necessary to explain everything without a rush and without other customers waiting. In our facilities, of course, everybody wears a mask, we keep physical distance, we have a hand alcohol dispenser and we clean all surfaces regularly with disinfectants.

Come and pick up your camper in El Prat de Llobregat or we'll pick you up at the airport, you're just one step away from the adventure!