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Terms and Conditions

The following rental conditions will become part of the rental agreement between the rental company (hereinafter the rental company, Vanwego or Vanwego Campers) and you (hereinafter the client). The rental company rents the reviewed vehicle to the client and both parties agree to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the present contract, approving them with their signature.


  1. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the two parties. There are no other commitments, guarantees or verbal arrangements regarding the responsibility of the client. Any conditions that differ from or are contrary to the terms and conditions set forth herein will not be accepted. The charges are calculated according to the contract and the respective terms and conditions.
  2. The client guarantees that all information supplied in this contract is true.
  3. The purpose of this contract is the rental of a vehicle without a driver and, where applicable, of the extras or optional accessories offered by the rental company.
  4. When the client reserves and pays the initial deposit, he or she automatically agrees to the terms and conditions of the rental company to which he/she has had unrestricted access.
  5. The Vanwego Campers brand is made up of the companies Vanwego Campers SL and Romerosago SL. Depending on the rented vehicle and its respective owner, one or the other of these rental companies will appear in the particular conditions as lessee without this having any influence on the terms and conditions set out here.
  6. At the time of the vehicle delivery a rental agreement between the rental company and the client will be formalized, governed exclusively by Spanish law, the terms and conditions herein contained, and the special conditions agreed between the two parties.
  7. The rental agreement shall be limited to the duration agreed by the parties, excluding an unspoken extension of the rental agreement for an indefinite period of time due to continued use.
  8. The customer must have read the FAQs exposed on the website of Vanwego Campers SL: vanwego-campers.com
  9. The lessor reserves the right to subrogate the reservations made to a possible legal successor of the activity in the event of a transfer or a purchase and sale of the vehicle rental activity, without this being able to change any of the terms and conditions set forth herein.


  1. To make a reservation the client must deposit 50% of the total fee, including extras and insurance options. The amount will be charged on the client’s credit or debit card, be paid in form of a wire transfer or paid in cash, if the amount does not exceed the current legal limits.
  2. In case of a wire transfer the client must provide proof of the transfer to validate the reservation. Otherwise, the date of entry into the bank account of the rental company will count as the validation date of the booking.
  3. Changes to validated reservations will be subject to availability and at the discretion of the rental company.
  4. The remaining 50% must be paid at the time of pickup by credit or debit card or any other payment method mentioned in point 2.1. The cardholder must be present and identified by a national ID or Passport (in case of non-EU citizens). Alternatively, the client may pay via bank transfer in which case the client must submit a proof of transfer to validate payment or the reception of the transfer must have been registered in the rental company’s bank account.


  1. If a cancellation of a booking of services of Vanwego Campers SL is made more than 30 days in advance to the start date of the rental period, the full amount of the reservation fee will be refunded to the client.
  2. If cancellation is made between 15 and 30 days in advance, 50% of the amount paid for the booking will be refunded.
  3. If the client cancels with less than 15 days’ notice or the client is not present to collect the vehicle at the place and time agreed upon booking, the full amount provided in form of a reservation payment will be retained.


  1. A driver's license valid in Spain (permit B) with a minimum age of two years and an ID card or passport (in the case of non-EU citizens) of each of the drivers are required.
  2. Drivers must have a minimum age of 25 or 21 years, according to the kind of vehicle.
  3. The client must provide a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) he’s the holder of and provide a valid national ID card or passport (in the case of non-EU citizens). The day of the pick-up the client will be asked the number of his or her credit card and its expiration date.
  4. If the client and / or drivers do not present the necessary documents, it will not be possible to rent the vehicle and the procedure will be as if they had not presented themselves for the pick-up as specified in 3.3.
  5. Photocopies of any of the above-mentioned documents (in 4.1. and 4.3.) cannot be accepted.


  1. The rental prices include VAT (today 21%), the agreed mileage (according to point 5.3 of this contract) and a fully comprehensive insurance with the agreed excess according to the coverage contracted by the customer.
  2. The rental prices are subject to regular changes due to the seasonality of camping. The customer will have received a personalized offer at the time of booking which will determine the rate for this contract.
  3. The rental price includes a mileage of 150 km/per 24h of the contract. Each additional kilometer driven shall be charged to the customer at a rate of 15 ct. (VAT included) for the renter unless he has contracted the unlimited mileage option.

6.      DEPOSIT

  1. The payment of the deposit can only be done by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and the holder of the credit card must be present during the pick-up and sign on the corresponding page. In case of a debit card, there will be a fee of 1% of the amount of the deposit.
  2. The deposit that the client must pay at pick-up of the vehicle will be the same amount as the excess agreed upon according to the coveragte option chosen. This amount of will be blocked on the clients’ credit card to guarantee payment in case of theft, accident or any other case in which the rental company may claim additional payments or compensation.
  3. If the bank or the holder of the credit card do not authorize the blocking of the deposit, the contract may not be validated, and the vehicle cannot be handed over to the client. In this case, regular cancellation policy referred to in section 3.3 of this contract will apply and the full amount paid upon reservation by the client will be retained.
  4. The deposit will be unblocked or returned to the client once the rental period is completed, the vehicle has been returned and after an inspection of the vehicle by a representative of the rental company has shown that the state of the vehicle it is similar to when it was picked up and all the items rented with it have been returned in their original state. The rental company has a maximum of 72 hours to make the relevant checks and return the deposit if no defects have been found.


  1. The rental period is counted in periods of 24 h starting at the agreed upon pick-up-time and ending upon the agreed upon drop-off time.
  2. Early returns or late pick-ups do not entitle to a partial refund of the agreed rent.
  3. There may be seasonal minimum rental periods.


  1. The pick-up and drop-off hours are from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 and 13:00 before noon and between 17:00 and 20:00 in the afternoon.
  2. Early or late pick-ups and drop-offs in the following times are possible: Between 6:00 and 10:00 in the morning and between 20:00 and 23:00 at night. A service fee is charged for this service.
  3. If the customer wants a pick-up or return outside the standard hours, he or she needs to notify the rental company at the time of booking. Otherwise, the possibility thereof will be subject to availability and at the discretion of the rental company.



  1. The pick-up and drop off locations are agreed upon during the booking process.
  2. Depending on the pick-up and drop-off location and the vehicle model chosen, the vehicle pick-up or drop-off service may entail a service fee.
  3. If the client wants to use the home delivery service, he or she has the responsibility to organize an appropriate place regarding space and light conditions to carry out the checks that are necessary to hand over the vehicle at the time of arrival of the vehicle.
  4. The possibility to deliver and return the vehicle at any location different from the rental company’s premises is subject to availability and at the discretion of the rental company.
  5. To change any of the agreed locations for pick-up, delivery or return, the client needs to inform the rental company and receive a confirmation in writing.


  1. The client recognizes having received the vehicle in perfect mechanical condition, provided with the necessary documentation and tools, tires and accessories and agrees to keep it in good condition.
  2. The client receives the vehicle and any additional items in clean conditions and agrees to return them in the same state of cleanliness.
  3. The vehicle is handed over to the customer with a full fuel tank.
  4. Before the vehicle is handed over to the client it will be checked using the pick-up documents which are part of this contract and in which the elements and conditions of the vehicle will be recorded.


  1. If for any reason outside the responsibility of the rental company, as could be a delay of the previous client, an accident, theft, damage or any other situation that puts at stake the delivery of previously reserved vehicle, it is not possible to proceed with the delivery on the date and / or stipulated time, the rental company can:
    1. Provide the client with a model of a similar or better characteristic.
    2. Provide the client a full refund of the amount paid so far, without any additional compensation.


  1. The client agrees that during the rental period, the vehicle will not be subject to the following:
    1. It will not be driven in a dangerous or reckless manner.
    2. It will not be driven with more passengers than specified in the vehicle documents (depending on the model) nor carry in the camper van any pet or animal without the explicit permission of Vanwego Campers SL.
    3. It will not be sublet or used to transport people for commercial purposes, or any other use not included in the contract.
    4. The vehicle will not be driven in inferior physical conditions caused by alcohol, drugs, fatigue, illness, medication use, etc.
    5. The keys won’t be left in the vehicle without occupants in it.
    6. The vehicle won’t be immersed in water, and will not come into contact with saltwater or driven on flooded areas, on the beach or on dirty streets.
    7. It will not be used for races, competitions or any illegal activity.
    8. It will not be used to tow any vehicle.
    9. It will not be used to transport passengers or goods for hire or reward.
    10. It will not be used to transport volatile liquids, gases, or other corrosive explosives or inflammable materials.
    11. It will not be used to transport or haul goods other than those reasonably expected of a leisure rental.
    12. The client will not install accessories or advertising or any commercial endorsements.
    13. It will not be driven outside of the road network or on any unsuitable terrain.
  2. Any consequences arising out of the above points are not the responsibility of the rental company.
  3. The client will not allow the vehicle to be driven by others than himself and those who are expressly authorized in the contract and identified as drivers.
  4. The client may circulate under the terms of this agreement freely within the European Union except on the islands belonging to these countries.
  5. If the client wishes to travel to any island he or she may do so only with the prior written permission of the rental company and under the following condition:
    1. The cost of returning the vehicle to the origin of the trip is the responsibility of the client, no matter the circumstances. In no case can the costs be inflicted on the rental company.
  6. If the client wishes to travel to countries outside of the EU, he or she needs to inform Vanwego at the time of reservation and have a written permission from the rental company.
  7. The client acknowledges that the rental company retains ownership of the vehicle at all times and will not offer, sell, agree to sell, sublet, lend or take a mortgage on the vehicle.
  8. The client should not make alterations or additions to the vehicle, without the prior written consent of the rental company. In case of violation of this article, the client shall bear all costs of refurbishing the vehicle to its original condition and must pay compensation the immobilization of the vehicle until its complete repair.
  9. The client must take all reasonable steps to properly maintain the vehicle, including daily checks of tires, oil, water and batteries, and should contact the rental company if any of the warning lights of the vehicle indicates a potential malfunction.
  10. The client is responsible for having the vehicle properly parked and guarded when not in use and protect it from deterioration through frost, hail or any other atmospheric phenomenon susceptible to causing major damage.
  11. The customer must park in areas accessible by a crane. If you violate this rule, and the vehicle must be assisted, the customer shall bear all costs relating to such infringement (linked to the vehicle and possible compensation to the following customers if the vehicle cannot be delivered within the agreed time).
  12. The client must respect the rules of each municipality / city associated with free camping. If free camping (outside an approved zone), the client will assume his responsibility and penalty if applicable.
  13. Smoking and lighting candles are prohibited in all vehicles.
  14. The gas cookers that are included in the rent should be used with special care and preferably outside the vehicle. If damage occurred in the vehicle, caused using those cookers (burning marks, vehicle fire, etc.) the client will be responsible for the full cost of the damage.
  15. This Agreement will terminate automatically without the need for any judicial intervention if the vehicle is used in a manner that constitutes a violation of this agreement. Moreover, in this case, the rental company reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time without notice, and the Client is responsible for all charges involved.In addition, in this case, the client is not entitled to recover the amounts paid to the rental company so far.

13.   PETS

  1. Pets are allowed if their presence is indicated when booking the vehicle. In this case a service fee for cleaning applies.
  2. The client is responsible for the safety of the pet during the trip.
  3. Vanwego Campers SL shall not be liable for traffic fines or penalties related to the transport of pets inside the vehicle.
  4. The client shall be liable for all damages (interior and exterior) caused by the pet.


  1. When returning the vehicle, the client will check the car for damages together with a representative of the vehicle rental company. Flaws that are not in the contract but are detected when returning the vehicle, shall be borne by the customer and will be deducted from the deposit.
  2. If the costs of repairing the damage cannot be determined immediately, the rental company will retain the full amount of the deposit and carry out a proportional refund once the cost of repair or replacement could be established.
  3. In the case that the rental company find any damage during the next 72 hours (after return of the vehicle) the client will be notified to manage the payment of such damages. The client agrees that the rental company is authorized to charge the credit card in the contract all other costs that may arise, such as fines for wild camping, parking tickets, fines, penalties for traffic violations, tolls and damages to the van (inside and outside).
  4. If the customer wishes to extend the rental, he hast to request the extension a minimum of three days before the end of the contract. The eventual confirmation of the extension is subject to vehicle availability.
  5. In the case of a late return, which would be after the time agreed upon on the rental contract, the customer will be charged a fee of 30 € per hour or 300 € per day, whichever amount is less. In addition, the client shall bear all expenses that arise due to a delayed return of the vehicle, especially those that another client to claims vis-a-vis Vanwego Campers SL because of the delay.


  1. The vehicle must be returned with a full fuel tank. Otherwise a service fee of 10 € will be applied, plus the amount of fuel needed to fill the deposit.
  2. The vehicle will be returned with a clean interior. However, the renter does not have to clean the outside of the vehicle. The waste water tank and, if applicable, the portable toilet have to be empty. Otherwise, a supplement of 20 € per hour of additional cleaning required and an additional 50 € if the portable toilet has not been emptied and cleaned will be charged. In addition, the client shall bear the costs of the ventilation or eliminating the smell of tobacco, including losses resulting from the inability to rent the vehicle during cleaning time because of this reason.
  3. In case of loss of keys or vehicle documents, the rental company will charge the customer the amount of 250 € plus VAT.
  4. In the case of filling the drinking water tank with diesel or other fuel, or the diesel tank with water or other fuel, the customer shall be responsible for the replacement and repair of the affected parts.
  5. The costs of damages to the vehicle and/or equipment or additional elements incurred during the rental period will be charged to the client at the cost of repair and / or replacement, if not specifically mentioned in this contract. If for repairs it is necessary to activate an external workshop or an external company, the rental company will apply a fee of 50 euros to cover administrative costs. The client will also be responsible for the days not rented for a reasonable time to repair the vehicle, according to the damage in question.
  6. The client must provide the rental company with a credit card that can be used to meet the obligations of the client under the terms and conditions of the rental company in case of insufficient funds, declined transactions for any reason or because the credit card was canceled or suspended.
  7. In case of an accident, where the client is not considered responsible, the rental company will retain the full amount of the deposit until the insurance company establishes who is responsible.
  8. The amount of any type of penalties, fines, penalties, court costs and extrajudicial charges arising from any traffic violation (whether administrative, criminal or otherwise) that are directed against the vehicle, the customer or the rental company, that originate during the term of this rental agreement shall be borne by the customer and/or the driver. Unless they have been caused by the rental company. The rental company will identify the main driver, the sanction will be sent to the address provided and the customer may pay the penalty. If the address is incorrect or simply the letter is returned or not properly paid for any reason, the rental company may charge the amount of the fine (or expense noted above) on the credit card stated in the rental agreement.
  9. All invoices that have not been paid will have an added interest rate, which is the legal interest plus a fixed rate corresponding to 20% of the amount payable.
  10. In the case of multiple clients and / or drivers, all these will respond as joint debtors.
  11. In the event that the vehicle has been rented with a mileage limit and this has been exceeded, the rental company will charge the agreed amount for the extra mileage travelled.


  1. Any problem related to the vehicle arising must be reported immediately to the rental company to grant opportunity to fix the problem during the rental period. Otherwise, the responsibility for rental company undertakes. Contact us before calling for roadside assistance and our team will help you with the situation in any case.
  2. The road assistance service covers any technical or mechanical defect of the vehicle resulting from material failure or manufacturing.
  3. Note that the following is not covered by roadside assistance and towing costs and transfer will be charged to the client:
    1. The vehicle runs out of fuel.
    2. The keys are inside the closed vehicle or they are damaged (e.g. through moisture) or lost.
    3. The batteries are discharged by incorrect use or misuse of any equipment that needs batteries to function.
    4. The vehicle is stuck off the road or on an unpaved road.
    5. Damage caused by willful neglect.
    6. Assistance to change a flat tire.
  4. In case of any malfunction, the client is not allowed to do repairs or alterations to the vehicle, unless authorized by the rental company and the instructions are followed exactly.
  5. In the case of an immobilization of the vehicle due to a mechanical breakdown or an accident, and if it cannot be repaired in situ, the rental company must send a tow truck to transport the vehicle and the client to the nearest workshop or the address of the company rental.


  1. In case of accident, robbery, theft, fire or animal damage, the client and/or driver accepts the following:
    1. Immediately inform the police and the rental company (the phone number stated in the rental agreement) contrary claims will not be accepted.
    2. Gather accident reports signed by all parties involved and the documents prepared by the police and send everything immediately to the rental company. The documents must include the name, address and phone numbers of everybody involved, their driving license number, the identification of the opposite party, the name of the insurance company and the policy number, contact details of potential witnesses, as well as vehicle registration numbers of the affected vehicles. Otherwise, all insurance and coverages expire, and the client will be responsible for all expenses.
    3. To take pictures and get the names and addresses of all persons involved, and witnesses to document what happened.
    4. Not to leave the vehicle without taking appropriate measures to protect and safeguard it. Contact if necessary, with the roadside assistance company with the insurance the rental company.
    5. Never to recognize or prejudge the responsibility of the event, except in the "Friendly Settlement Declaration".
  2. In the case of theft of the vehicle, the client has to contact the competent authority immediately, and to communicate and forward a copy of the complaint to the rental company, along with the keys of the vehicle within 24 hours; otherwise the insurance coverage contracted will have no effect.
  3. Even in the case of damage without a third party involved, regardless of the gravity of the damage, the customer must elaborate in writing a comprehensive report along with a drawing and provide it to the rental company. If the client does not prepare the report - no matter what the reason - and thus prevents the insurance company to pay for the damages, the customer must pay the corresponding amount in full.
  4. In case of non-compliance by the client of any of these measures, if they are applicable, Vanwego Campers SL is entitled to reparations by the client for damages caused by his negligence, including lost profits of the rental company during the time of immobilization of the vehicle.


  1. The vehicle has a comprehensive insurance with excess (which does not include personal effects of the client and companions). In case of an accident or theft, the customer will pay the amount of the excess.
  2. All coverage options with the respective excess only cover the first accident, incident or new damage in each rental. In case of more than one damage, incident or accident during the rental period, the renter is responsible for an excess of € 1,250 for each of the damages except the first one in the SIERRA, LAGUNA and COSTA models, and an excess of € 800 in the ARENA and RÍO models; in this (the first damage) the reduced excess is applied according to the insurance contracted. If no additional insurance (SUPER or SUPER PLUS) has been contracted, a € 1,250 excess is applied for SIERRA, LAGUNA and COSTA models, and a € 800 excess for ARENA and RÍO models is applied for each damage caused. In the form of a payment guarantee, the rental company will block or charge the full amount of the deposit on a bank card.
  3. The vehicle is only covered by insurance for the stipulated duration of the rental contract. The rental company cannot be made responsible for any damages that occur outside of the rental period; in this case the client will be solely responsible.
  4. If the client violates any of the conditions and terms of the rental agreement, all insurance options are canceled, and the client is responsible for the total cost of all damages.
  5. If the window coverage is selected, the cost of repair of side and rear windows and the of windshield are covered. The skylights on the roof and mirrors are not included.
  6. If the renter chooses the BASIC coverage option, the excess is 1250 € for SIERRA, LAGUNA and COSTA models, and an excess of 800 € for ARENA and RÍO models, windows are not covered, roadside assistance is included according to the conditions of this contract.
  7. If the renter chooses the SUPER coverage option, the excess is 750 € for the SIERRA, LAGUNA and COSTA models, and 450 € for the ARENA and RÍO models, the windows are covered (according to clause 18.5.), roadside assistance is included according to the conditions of this contract.
  8. If the renter chooses the SUPER PLUS coverage option, the excess is 250 € for the SIERRA, LAGUNA and COSTA models, and 200 € for the ARENA and RÍO models, the windows are covered (according to clause 18.5.) and roadside assistance is included according to the conditions of this contract.


  1. The client acknowledges that he or her is responsible for all costs of the following damages, regardless of which insurance may have been contracted with the rental company. Damage identified below are specifically excluded from all insurance options:
    1. Any damage to the vehicle, when a term or condition of this rental agreement is violated.
    2. Damage affecting vehicle tires and rims that occurred during the rental period.
    3. Any damage caused by intentional behavior, effects of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that reduces the ability to safely drive.
    4. Any loss, damage or theft of personal belongings.
    5. If the client acts reckless or carelessly in any way or commits offenses against local traffic rules resulting in damage to the vehicle or to property of others.
    6. The cost to recover the vehicle of any restricted area or if submerged, trapped or abandoned.
    7. The cost to recover the keys that were damaged, lost, stolen or shut inside the vehicle.
    8. Damage caused by drivers not identified in the rental agreement or drivers with a canceled or expired driving license.
    9. Any costs related to the misuse of fuel.
    10. All damages under the vehicle body or above the line of the windshield, if there has been no collision with third parties.

20.   EXCESS

  1. The renter and/or driver is responsible for any damage incurred while in possession of the vehicle up to the amount of the agreed excess (according to the conditions of this rental agreement). All insurance options and the excess only cover the first new accident, incident or damage in each rental. In the event of more than one damage, incident or accident during the rental period, the renter is responsible for the total costs of repair or replacement up to the amount of the excess corresponding to the BASIC coverage of the contracted vehicle. To cover the costs of any possible damage, the rental company will block or charge the total amount of the excess on a bank card.
  2. The deposit provided by the client will be returned upon return of the vehicle and after the representative of the rental company declared that the vehicle is in similar conditions to when it was handed over to the client and no objects that had been given to client are missing.



  1. Vanwego Campers SL. is deeply committed to comply with Spanish regulations for the protection of personal data and ensures full compliance with the obligations provided and the implementation of security measures provided art. 9 of the Law 15/1999, about the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and its implementing regulations as well as compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.
  2. In accordance with these regulations, we report that the use of our website and signing this contract requires that the client provides certain personal data through registration forms or contact, or by sending emails and that these will be treated by the rental company. Sending these personal data constitutes the express consent to their processing, although this consent is revocable. More information may be found in the section on our data protection policy.
  3. All vehicles can be geolocated. The rental company reserves the right to check the vehicle's location at any time. No location data will be stored after they have returned the rented vehicle, nor under any circumstances be shared with third parties, except in cases of alleged crimes or violations of this contract.


  1. The rental company delivers the vehicle in perfect condition, having made all the checks and maintenance needed for its proper functioning. It will not be responsible for mechanical failures or malfunctions due to normal use.
  2. The rental company does not accept any liability for personal injury incurred during the rental period and recommends that no items of value are left inside the vehicle while the client is away from it. The rental company is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings during the rental period, nor for damage to the vehicle due to vandalism / theft or damage caused by accidents or weather conditions.
  3. If because of force majeure, fortuitous events or events the rental companies` cannot influence, the vehicle cannot be delivered on the agreed date, the client will not be entitled to any compensation further than the refund of the amount paid in rent.
  4. The responsibility of the rental company for those damages mentioned in this contract is limited to failing to comply with any obligation that is especially important for this contract to achieve its goal.


  1. In case of any dispute arising from or related to any acts relating to the reservation or rental agreement of the camper van, it is agreed that the jurisdiction is the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona (Catalonia). In the case of possible discrepancy between the Spanish / Catalan / English / German versions of these terms and conditions and the rental agreement, the Spanish version shall prevail.