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About us

Who is behind the project Vanwego Campers
About us

Diana, Enric and Jordi, three friends with the dream of starting a business where to offer their customers a different, self-sufficient and adventurous travel experience. The three of us love travelling and exploring new places. The freedom to travel is our passion.

We acquired Vanwego Campers from Chris and Matthias, two brothers with a passion for travelling and the world of camper vans. Their passion and know-how has left us a wonderful legacy which we will keep in principles and values.

Diana is starting out in the world of entrepreneurship, with her enthusiasm intact and with an enormous desire and ability to satisfy all the requests of our customers. Order, cleanliness and empathy are just some of her great qualities.

Enric, co-founder of Mucha Masía Hostel Rural-Urbà comes with extensive experience in the tourism sector and his boundless enthusiasm to treat the customer as his best friend, apart from being a great connoisseur of routes and places that you will surely love.

Jordi, co-founder with Enric of Mucha Masia Hostel Rural-Urbà, combines experience and passion in the camper world. Lover as well as user of the freedom of travelling the world by camper, now he wants to put his knowledge and passion in your hands.

About Vanwego Campers

Our philosophy of travelling in camper vans is based on the great freedom it offers. That's why our creations include many practical solutions adapted to all needs. We install solar panels that give you a lot of energy independence. We equip the vans with stationary heating so that you can enjoy the mountains in the winter and the air conditioning that cannot be missing in the summer. We apply the same principle to the kitchen: instead of having fixed installations we use portable cookers so you can decide wherever you want to cook.

With our design we want on the one hand to create a style that includes more natural wood and craftsmanship as opposed to industrial producers, which tend to use more plastic and prefabricated materials. We also like to include everything you could wish for on board while finding an harmonious combination between beauty and the functionality through our design.

Environmental responsibility
From the beginning we wanted to create a project that would do its bit to improve the world. There are many initiatives, many social and environmental projects that deserve our attention as a society. We decided to focus on climate change which is a serious problem that we urgently need to solve. We usually spend time in nature with the vans, knowing the consequences that this entails, so we decided that our grain of sand, is planting trees to become a CO₂ neutral company with the aim of becoming CO₂ positive.

Proximity and transparency
We all have had unpleasant experiences with car rental companies. Usually due to a lack of transparency, unexpected extra charges, that feeling of mistrust when one delivers the security deposit. We, as a small company, want to have an atmosphere of closeness and trust and be 100% transparent with our rates and fees. The aim is for you to feel comfortable and secure when using our products and services.
If you have reached this point thank you very much for your interest. We hope to have you on board very soon. We'd also love to hear what you think about our project, whether it's an opinion, criticism or a suggestion - in the end, Vanwego Campers will only work if it works for you.

Come and pick up your camper in El Prat de Llobregat or we'll pick you up at the airport, you're just one step away from the adventure!